Sidney J Greehey – Oil & Gas – $2,562,496.69












Sidney J Greehey, son of Valero Energy former Chairman and CEO Bill Greehey, didn’t stray far from the family business. He’s President of Donco Inc, a company that has won bids for large Bakken BLM leases (but doesn’t always follow through) and gives iPads to Montana gasland schools.

But with gas selling near $2 a gallon it’s tough to pay the tax man. According to public records obtained by, the IRS issued a $2,562,496.69 lien against Mr. Sidney J Greehey and Mrs. Cheryl B Greehey of San Antonio, TX on 2/24/2015.

The Bexar County Clerk’s office-filed notice of federal tax lien has Mr. and Mrs. Greehey carrying a balance to Uncle Sam in connection with their 2013 1040 income tax return.


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